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I know I'm a lousy hero.

Kay Eye Are Ay
6 May
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Welcome to the icon journal of sushi. Pixel Addict has been providing you with (almost) monthly crap for almost a year - since September 7th, 2003! Wow! that's kind of a long time! Even though PA has been around for a long time, it's still relatively small, which means I appreciate every single comment, snag, and watcher that I get. You guys are great. I love you! Thanks for all the support! Now, like any icon journal, there are, yes... rules.

So... rules, eh? Well, don't worry. There aren't a lot.

x. Always comment if you're using an icon! Don't worry if the entry seems old and moldy - I still look at every single comment I get and smile. :] Don't be ashamed!

x. Credit, please. Well, actually, credit isn't absolutely positively mandatory. I won't like, hunt you down if you didn't credit. However, I do very very very much appreciate it if you credit. It helps get a bigger fanbase and circulate my icons more. :D

x. Absolutely no stealing. What does this mean? No editing any of my icons, or blatantly copying one and claiming that you came up with it on your own. I've dealt with this before - and some rather nasty entries were written. You don't want to be put on the spot in my journal. So to avoid being put on my hate list, don't take credit for my work.

x. Have a happy usage!

broken_icons* icon_mist iconology kanashii_icons twisted_ northmark sunisideup_icon miko_icons _metamorphic ac1d6urnz zephyricons icons_that_suck konayuki iconeus haien 409inthecoffee* lucem doyoumockmesir the_pixelized deconstructor iconaddict shadowedthought astrum_icons sourstarcandy xdigitalkittyx* thetaxman glasscasing

* denotes personal favorites. Want to be up here? Give me a comment and I'll gladly add your icon/graphics journal! <3 I love linking people!

I made a Mini-Movie Icon Tutorial, too. Hope it helps!